Passover Charlotte 2018 Hosted by A Rood Awakening! International

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When Can I buy tickets?

We will notify our partners as soon as the 2018 website and ticket sales are live. For all other questions, please contact our Partner Services team at (888) 766-3610.

Where can I view and download pictures from Passover 2017?

Please visit our photo gallery page by clicking here. There are instructions on the photos page that instruct you how to view and download your photo booth photos from Passover 2017: The Road to Redemption.

Will there be any activities for children and or youth in 2018?

Yes, we will be hosting a variety of activities and special events for the children and the youth in 2018. There will be more detailed information when the new website goes live and tickets go on sale.

What are the dates for the Passover Event this year?

As of now, Passover 2018 is scheduled for the weekend of March 30th, 2018. This is subject to change, however, based on our calculations, this is when we are planning our event for 2018. 

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